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Turville Fingest Frieth Fawley Medmenham U.R.C.

Welcome to
St Bartholomew, Fingest

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Open-air Eucharist

Prayer Walk


Walker's cafe

Rogation Prayer Walk
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Vintage Tractor run
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Palm Sunday
with Mingle the pony

Short Palm Sunday video

Photos from the open-air Valley Eucharist at Fingest with special remembrance of the start of WW1
with artwork by children of the
Turville Holiday Scheme.

Jill Dean

Palm Sunday procession with donkeys Dilly and Daphne

some Lynne Tracey


Some seasonal pics.
taken by William Jackson and Sue Brice





What's on this month?
services in bold are at this church

The church is open for private prayer from 9am to 4pm daily.

Starting 20th March 2024, the 10.15am mid-week Wednesday Communion service will re-locate, temporarily, to this church from Turville, due to their church conservation works.

Sun 7 July
Group Service, Medmenham
Sun 14 July
Holy Communion
Wild Church Party, Skirmett
Sun 28 July 6pm
Sun 4 August 10am
Group Service, Here

Parish Review Achievable Targets

        To build on the success of Easter & Christmas services within the village by personally inviting the people in the community to all special services and church based events.

        To promote community events which attract the village into the church and its environs, such as teas, churchyard cleanup, and church spring cleaning 

        To explore the church layout with a view to improving the welcome and providing some community and contemplative space


No wedding in Fingest is supposed to be lucky unless the bridegroom lifts his bride over the Church gate when leaving after the ceremony. The gate is tied up with ribbon so the newly wedded couple cannot get through it, while all their relatives, friends and villagers gather round to watch the old custom being duly observed.



Hymns recorded at Valley Choral Eucharist:
All my hope on God is founded
Lord of all hopefulness

Listen to the bell before
open-air Choral Eucharist 5.8.07

Photos from the Prayer Walk
 with Bishop John

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Stained glass


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