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Turville School Trust Holidays

A Special Appeal was held for Summer Boxes for Turville Trust children who
would normally be coming on a summer holiday in 2020

Turville School Trust operates within our local community hosting holidays for vulnerable children
each year weekly from the end of July through to the end of August

To view our website please click here

For more information please contact - Barbara Phillips 07973 842 707

Volunteer Opportunities
  • Would you like to be a Host Family and invite a group of Turville Holiday children into your home
    for a meal, activities or a swim?  They love to be made to feel part of the family!
  • Volunteers also needed to help bake gifts of cakes and home made treats as a welcome
    for each new group as they arrive in Turville.
  • How well do you know the area and do you drive your own car? Could you spare a morning, afternoon,
    whole day or week to be a Valley Guide leading the way for the children and their mini bus
    from one activity to another - you would not be asked to drive the mini bus,
    simply lead the way in your car to pre arranged destinations.

Thank you!


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